Community Clubhouse Rental

Free Community Use of the Clubhouse:

Purpose: The clubhouse committee has received requests and resident feedback that there is a desire to utilize the clubhouse for free community clubs/ groups/ gatherings. The clubhouse normally sits vacant Monday – Thursday and so allowing community use would not appear to compromise paid use at this time.

Please note FREE USE is for events that are open for the entire community. Private usage such as a birthday party is a paid event, even though it falls on the mid week category.

Rules for Use:
*Rentals may only occur from Monday-Thursdays. Each group is permitted one free use per month.
*Use is only for Cobblestone Residents.
*Business-related use is not permitted.
*Clean-up and trash removal, as specified on the post-walkthrough form, is the responsibility of group members.
*A clubhouse committee member will contact the group leader to provide a key and to perform the pre-event walkthrough. The key must be returned to the clubhouse committee directly after the event.

Here are the guidelines for the use:
1. The free community rental may only occur from Monday- Thursdays. A paid rental requested from Monday-Thursday would automatically cancel any unpaid community rental scheduled. Note:  This does not include long standing community events such as the Halloween or Holiday parties which may be scheduled any day and may not be canceled for private parties.
2. The clubhouse use would occur the same as a paid rental in that a request would be made by the group leader and the date would be reserved on the calendar. The clubhouse committee would provide the key to the group leader and perform the pre and post walkthroughs to ensure cleanliness. All aspects of normal clean- up are expected including trash removal.
3. The event must be open to all Cobblestone residents with the exception of groups that have a specific purpose of calling men-only or women-only groups for example.
4. The rentals are not for those living outside of the community.
5. The rental is only for social not business-related purposes.
6. The clubhouse may not be used for exercise class.
7. A group may request up to 1 event per month.
8. If at such time the requests become too numerous for available spots, the clubhouse committee and/or the board will convene to discuss procedures to allow for fair access.
9. You must still submit the Clubhouse Rental Form - and check "free use" option. (Free applies only to events the entire community is invited to attend)

The board can choose to enact this plan for a trial period and reconvene at a set time to review the outcomes both positive and negative.
All forms must be submitted and verified before your rental request is valid.